Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stepping Out With My Baby!

Yesterday as hubby and I were walking along the lovely country road to Ballydonegan Beach we came across these guys. At first they were quite a distance away but when I called to them they came over, thinking they were going to be fed. I couldn't disappoint them so as the only edibles I had on my person was a package of crisps (they'll be my downfall!) I squashed a handful and threw it into them. Like all chucks when food appears they dived in like hooligans! Had great fun watching them.

Tomorrow we're heading back to Dublin for a few days so probably won't get around to much tweeting or blogging. See you soon, stay safe.



Sunday, March 13, 2011

Words In Progress......

This evening I took my scribbling pad, pen, meditation cushion, bath towel, cosy blanket, cup of herbal tea, mobile phone and a few drops of creative juice outside to see what words might form themselves on the page.

Earlier, despite the constant biting wind, the sun had great warmth in it during the moments when there was stillness. By now the skies had begun to darken somewhat, pale grey clouds slowly inching their way in from the sea, I was not deterred.

I seated myself on my meditation cushion, my back supported by the fence over which I'd draped a bath towel to shelter me from the cold wind, around my legs I wrapped my cosy blanket, drank my herbal (fennel) tea, positioned my scribbling pad on my knee, took my pen in hand (left as it happens!) and let my creative juices flow, later I used my mobile phone to snap the above image.

The resulting words "The Work Room" are still at their embryonic stage, not yet ready to be born.


Friday, March 11, 2011

To The Waters And The Wild.....

One of my favourite poems, "The Stolen Child" by W.B. Yeats, has provided me with a line that I feel is perfect for this post title.

Incidentally, that poem is very special for me as it was the one I read with huge emotion, at fourteen years of age, to our English class taught by drama teacher, Mr. Rogers. When the bell rang and everyone was rushing to leave, Mr. Rogers called me up and suggested I join his drama school. Alas, owing to my parents not having the necessary spondoolicks, it never came to pass. Of course, many, many years later my dream was realised!

It was on a wet and extremely windy February afternoon that hubby and I set off for Ballydonegan Pier, Allihies, West Cork. On approaching the pier, my nostrils now filled with sea spray and the smell of seaweed, in my head I was once more back on the slipway of a pre-1970s Ringsend, Dublin.

Each footstep on the slippery slipway cobblestones brought back memories of hours spent watching the men hawl up their rowing boats and securing them to the sea wall, running screaming from the crabs still walking around after a catch or just standing on my own, after my friend had gone home, staring out to sea.

I considered myself blessed to have experienced the sea giving one of her finest performances with the mist providing the perfect backdrop. She was at her wildest. I was in Heaven.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Season, New Life

On our way to Barness, Allihies yesterday we came across these cute baby lambs who look to be a few weeks old at this stage. No matter how quiet I was on my approach I managed to startle them immediately after I took this photo. Here is one example where a zoom lens would have come in handy!

I'm hoping over the course of the next few weeks to meet a farmer who'll allow me hold a newborn lamb and maybe get a close-up shot of it with its mother, that would be a life long dream come true. So, being ever optimistic, when my wish is granted I'll post the pics immediately!