Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stepping Out With My Baby!

Yesterday as hubby and I were walking along the lovely country road to Ballydonegan Beach we came across these guys. At first they were quite a distance away but when I called to them they came over, thinking they were going to be fed. I couldn't disappoint them so as the only edibles I had on my person was a package of crisps (they'll be my downfall!) I squashed a handful and threw it into them. Like all chucks when food appears they dived in like hooligans! Had great fun watching them.

Tomorrow we're heading back to Dublin for a few days so probably won't get around to much tweeting or blogging. See you soon, stay safe.




  1. I love these brief encounters with our animal friends in the wild. They always make me smile all over.

  2. Yes indeed I feel privileged to be surrounded by the beautiful animals in the fields outside our holiday home. Especially now with all the new-born lambs and calves all bouncing happily around. Makes me smile too. Thank you.

  3. we used to have a lot of these guys (chicken) when I was a kid. I miss being surrounded by them. Presently, my brother has only 5 of them.

  4. I love the contented sounds they make, so relaxing! My aunt used to have lots of them so I got to be around them all the time when I visited her each summer. Hopefully your brother will someday increase his chicken family! Thank you.