Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Season, New Life

On our way to Barness, Allihies yesterday we came across these cute baby lambs who look to be a few weeks old at this stage. No matter how quiet I was on my approach I managed to startle them immediately after I took this photo. Here is one example where a zoom lens would have come in handy!

I'm hoping over the course of the next few weeks to meet a farmer who'll allow me hold a newborn lamb and maybe get a close-up shot of it with its mother, that would be a life long dream come true. So, being ever optimistic, when my wish is granted I'll post the pics immediately!



  1. AH its that time of year again, still a bit cold for the poor wee lambs though.

  2. Exactly what I'm thinking Donald, it looks so cruel to see them out in the fields in the wind and rain. I'd never make a farmer's wife, too soft! Thanks so much for the comment Donald. Cheers!