Sunday, March 13, 2011

Words In Progress......

This evening I took my scribbling pad, pen, meditation cushion, bath towel, cosy blanket, cup of herbal tea, mobile phone and a few drops of creative juice outside to see what words might form themselves on the page.

Earlier, despite the constant biting wind, the sun had great warmth in it during the moments when there was stillness. By now the skies had begun to darken somewhat, pale grey clouds slowly inching their way in from the sea, I was not deterred.

I seated myself on my meditation cushion, my back supported by the fence over which I'd draped a bath towel to shelter me from the cold wind, around my legs I wrapped my cosy blanket, drank my herbal (fennel) tea, positioned my scribbling pad on my knee, took my pen in hand (left as it happens!) and let my creative juices flow, later I used my mobile phone to snap the above image.

The resulting words "The Work Room" are still at their embryonic stage, not yet ready to be born.



  1. These words in progress here have splashed upon the page and produced a lovely prose poem about a work in progress.

  2. Thank you so much. The words remain patiently on the page awaiting their creator's return.