Friday, March 2, 2012

Onwards and Upwards - Soon No More Cancer!

Well folks, I'm six weeks post-op now and the two scars are healing beautifully! The dreadful continuous pain is completely gone, just every so often sharp pain for a while alternating between the breast and underarm but I'm told that this is part of the healing process. I'm now pretty much back to my pre-op activities.

A couple of days ago I was back with my medical oncologist and as the Oncotype DX Test showed I have a low risk of recurrence of the cancer he has put me on the aromatase inhibitor, Femara, which is basically a drug to reduce the amount of hormones in my body which have, in my case, the ability to attract breast cancer cells. I started taking it yesterday morning, so far, so good, no side effects, hopefully none at all!

Next week I head off to have my CT scan which will pinpoint, for the radiologist, the exact location where to target the radiation beam then about two weeks later the zapping begins!

Earlier this week I had my hair cut again as I figure I won't be able to manage it later in my radiotherapy sessions as I probably will be quite sore. It's only in the last two weeks that I don't need hubby to dry my back after my shower. Wow! progress!

Things are still moving fast and hopefully the worst is over!

Above image: Me with shortest hair-cut in a long time!



  1. Your blog will be an inspiration to any women going through the same trouble as you, and are lucky enough to come across your blog.
    I think you are brave to write about your treatment while suffering so much.
    Here's to the day when the treatment and checks are over and you receive the words you are longing to hear. "All clear." Then you can get on will living life to the full again and write about the beauty this world has to offer.
    Cheers til next time.

  2. Always good to hear from you Donald, thank you so much. Yes indeed, I'm hoping that maybe my posts will be of some help to other women, especially those starting out on their journey through breast cancer. The early days were scary, everything happening so fast, so many people treating you but at the end of it all I know that their expertise will have saved my life. I have so much to be grateful for.

    The side effects are very low-grade, a bit like being on a strong antibiotic! My Planning CT scan for the radiotherapy takes place this Thursday, more new faces! Having said that, everyone I've met along the way couldn't be nicer, these people are my saviours along with a little help from the Man Above!

    Take care for the time being Donald,