Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Note To Self: Must Write Frequent Blog Posts

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Sometimes it's so difficult to sit down and write. It's either a case of, I'm overwhelmed with so many ideas that are all bursting to jump out onto the page together only to find that at that particular moment something more urgent is demanding my time so I don't get to give birth to my words or, I suddenly find myself with endless time on my hands and decide now would be a good time to hit the keyboard only then to discover the old creative juices have completely run dry. What's a blogger to do? Just write, I guess!



  1. Just write when you feel you have something to say. I like what you write mand will wait.

  2. Thanks a mil for your patience Donald and it's nice to know you like my scribblings! I think I just need to organise myself a little better! Cheers!!!