Monday, January 17, 2011

Homes From Home

Leaving home first time, top floor, 3rd door from right, Rathmines

When my parents moved down the country I had to make the choice of either travelling with them and working in the local post office or remaining in Dublin. Being a seventeen year old made my decision to stay on in the city a lot less painful, so, for a while I lived between two homes, one in Rathmines the other in Cabra. In each of those homes I lived with an aunt and uncle.

Houses similar to aunt's house in Cabra. (source:

After my parents decided to return to Dublin I moved back with them for a couple of years then moved out permanently. I spent the next three years in a beautiful bedsit in Rathmines until I got married.

Bedsit in Rathmines

A couple of weeks ago hubby and I walked through Rathmines on one of our long walks into the city centre. The amazing thing was we passed by two of the homes and as I never had a photograph of either building I decided this was the opportunity to snap them. So glad I did. Memories of adolescent freedom.



  1. You describe your memories with the passion and emotion nostalgia has to have to make them come alive again.

  2. Thanks so much Donald, it's always amazing where the memories come from. It just takes one little trigger, for me, it's usually a photo. Cheers, take care, Ann