Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snowfall From Yesteryear

 Is it the fault of climate change or what that we no longer wake up to a blanket of snow every January? There are children in this country who have never seen snow, well maybe the odd flake now and then but nothing like we knew as children. It would take weeks to melt.

The great thing for us kids was that when we'd have to return to school after the Christmas holliers the pipes would be burst! Oh! how I remember the thrill of arriving at the school gates only to be told I had to go home again. I can still feel that excitement as we walked back along London Bridge Road gathering snow in our gloved hands to throw at each other, our screeches probably heard a mile away. (In those days we walked to school, about two miles in my case, getting the bus only if it was lashing rain).

(London Bridge Road image above).

Back then I didn't need a mobile phone to let my mum know I'd be coming home early because for the most part she'd be there. If she wasn't she'd just be out at ten o'clock Mass and would be back fairly soon. I could play in the avenue until then.

Getting back to the snow issue here are a couple of photos I took in January 1982 depicting the beautiful landcape that once was Willington Lane, Templeogue.




  1. It's always fun to watch people's reaction when they see snow for the first time in their life. It reminds me of the innocence of a child waking up on christmas morning...exciting, peaceful, and surreal all at once. I'm not much of a snow person but I'll always love waking up to a white christmas.

  2. Kyle, your words are so beautiful. They're the perfect description of someone seeing snow for the first time. One of life's wonderful experiences. Thank you, Cheers!