Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tragumna / Lough Hyne, Skibbereen, West Cork

As it was a lovely evening last Sunday plus after watching Ireland's disastrous defeat to Scotland in the Six Nations Championship at Murrayfield it was time to hit our local, The Skibbereen Eagle, in Tragumna.  Our first time there and only a twenty minute walk, well, for me, anyway.  Nice pub and with its warm, welcoming wood-burning fire I thought it would be packed, but no, just a couple of families with their young children and another older couple at the other end of the bar.

By the time we emerged an hour later the sun was setting over Tragumna, which of course created magnificant lighting.  The views over Drishane Island and the Tragumna pier are particularly beautiful at that time of evening.

Monday afternoon saw us head to Lough Hyne, Ireland's first Nature Reserve with splended woodland walks towering ever so high.  With encouragement from hubby I did manage to climb up onto the first layer, if you like, and was generously rewarded by the breathtaking views down onto the lake and roadside. I loved every minute.

Later that evening we learned that there would be a full moon so at around 10.30pm I got hubby to accompany me to our little cove where we just stood and listened to the waves and watched in awe, the amazing moonshine turn the water to silver.  It's a memory that will remain with me forever.

Top to Bottom Images:-

Drishane Island, Tragumna, Skibbereen, West Cork.
Tragumna Pier.
Scenic walkway along Lough Hyne.
Lough Hyne.
Woodlands around Lough Hyne.

All images taken by me, February 2013.



  1. The place looks so peaceful. Surely a great place for getaway. Love all the photos. :)

  2. Thank you so much Balqis, yes, we are truly enjoying the tranquility of the place, no one seems in a hurry! Even the animals are so tame, we've made friends with several dogs who come out to meet us every morning on our walk. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Cheers!!

  3. My problem is...I would mess up taking a picture of a concrete block...honestly. I do love viewing God's creation as captured through the camera of others and you have done that quite well. I have added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit my blog and become a follower also.

  4. Thank you Covnitkepr1 for your lovely comment, I'm sure you are grossly underestimating your photographic abilities! I too have a great love of nature and enjoy viewing images captured by similar minded people. It's only when I'm in the countryside that I truly understand God's creation that is the beauty all around me. I'm now following your blog also. Thank you and have a lovely weekend.

  5. A beautiful part of the world, captured perfectly.
    Who cares if Ireland got beat when you have scenery like that to comfort you.
    It is a mystery to all us Scots how Scotland managed to beat Ireland, but since we get so few victories we will take it ha ha.

  6. Thank you, Donald. It truly is beautiful, breathtaking views greet me every morning no matter what the weather!

    Ah, on the day, the best team won, congratulations to you guys! Yes indeed, bask well in the glory! Cheers!!!

  7. Aloha Ann,

    Cheers for the follow and right back at ye!

    Great pictures by the way - sounds like you're having a blast out there in the country :)

  8. Hi to you too, Mark...Thank you so much for your comment and blog follow, very much appreciated! Yes, we're loving it down here, returning to Dublin will definitely be a culture shock. I take most of my photos on my mobile phone which is all it is good for now as I don't have a signal! lol Cheers!!!

  9. Hi Ann,
    Thank you for your blog follow - it's lovely to meet you. These photos brought back wonderful memories of our visit to Ireland and Scotland in 2009. I fell in love with the land and the people and am writing a novel which takes place in Ireland.

  10. Hi Karen, you're most welcome and thank you for the follow back. I'm enjoying reading your wonderful posts, I hope all is well with you right now. I'm so glad the photos gave you such joy, West Cork for us is our favourite place on earth! I wish you every success with the novel.

  11. Hi Ann .. thanks for following - Ireland is beautiful and your pictures beguile us. What a lovely place to live .. I visited years ago and a friend, who lived near Cork, and I drove around and generally spent time together .. it was an amazing visit.

    Cheers Hilary

  12. Hi Hilary, thank you so much, your comment is very much appreciated. Yes indeed, our favourite part of Ireland is definitely the south west coast, as yet, totally unspoilt. With nothing to hinder the view you can see the weather changes coming in from miles away! Delighted you had a lovely time here, I will post more pictures soon. Cheers, Ann

  13. What amazing photos. Ireland is definitely on my Life List of places I simply must visit before I die.

  14. Your photos are amazing! I almost felt.Thats why I love to visit here.

  15. Thank you Vacation in Cork for your lovely comment. I've lived here all my life and I'm still finding wonderful places to visit but West Cork is definitely becoming my home from home! You definitely must make that trip, Cheers, Ann

  16. Thanks so much Things To Do With Children In Cork, it's such a beautiful part of Ireland. Travelling time to the magic South West is long but it's always worth the effort. Have a lovely day! Cheers, Ann