Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"With This Ring......" I'm A Mother-In-Law!

It's a little over two and a half months since I finished my radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer and I'm so glad to report that I am now over the worst of the tiredness and life is beginning to return to some degree of normality, whatever that was to begin with!

My greatest fear during the past six months was that I wouldn't be well enough to enjoy our eldest son's June wedding.  Well, I can happily say that on the day my health was never better.  Be it the adrenaline, call it what you will, I had an energy and vitality the like of which I've not felt for many, many months.  I should have been exhausted given that I'd spent the previous couple of weeks flying around town, looking for the perfect mother-of-the-groom outfit, aided and abetted of course by some of my very close girlfriends!  We had such a laugh. Following the purchase we then headed to O'Neill's Bar & Restaurant in Suffolk Street for lunch and a celebratory drink.

Well, the wedding ceremony itself took place in the Newman University Church on St. Stephen's Green, Dublin.  Outside, while the rain fell in torrents, within the ancient walls of this magnificant building the light shone brightly as our son and his beautiful bride exchanged their wedding vows, a moment to cause every mother's heart to burst with pride and joy and a tiny sense of "handing them over". (Dads of course too, but in a different way!).  I would love to include here photos of the happy couple but I decided long ago never to post images of family or friends for their own privacy with maybe the exception now and again of hubby.

The reception was held just across the Green in the splended St. Stephen's Green Hibernian Club, but the planned photoshoot beforehand in St. Stephen's Green Park, to be followed by the short walk to the venue, came a cropper to the elements as heavy rain forced the wedding party to hail down taxis, the whole scene looking very much straight out of a Hollywood comedy, we had such fun.  The rain didn't spoil the proceedings in any way, in fact it will have made for much hilarious memories! Hope someone got a photo of us frantically hailing those taxis!

Alongside our own wedding and the birth of our two children this day holds one very special place in my heart.  We wish our son and our new wonderful daughter-in-law a long, happy and healthy life together.

Top image:  Newman University Church via www.universitychurch.ie
Mid image:  Me during wedding ceremony.
Bottom image: Hubby and I deep in conversation in Hibernian Club.



  1. Great to hear all is going well.
    You looked lovely, good choice of outfit, you and your friends chose well.
    I am sure your husband and son were very proud of you.
    "Lang my yer lum reek." As they say in Scotland.

  2. Ah thank you Donald. It was indeed a wonderful day, I can't believe it's three weeks ago, time is absolutely flying! My friends and I had such fun that day, we were like three youngsters! I've another wedding to attend this month, a very close friend's son. I love weddings! Thank you Donald for your lovely good wish, the very same to you. Cheers!!!