Wednesday, November 30, 2011

When The Beara Peninsula Calls, I Come Running!

Having spent the best part of a year between 2010/2011 in Allihies, Beara Peninsula, West Cork, travelling back to Dublin for a few weeks here and there I'm now very aware of a strong urge to once again up sticks and return for, well, a few days anyway, to this idyllic place. Her beauty is beyond compare, to quote a much-loved poetic description. I'm yet again under her magic spell that is calling me to once more walk the long winding by-lanes with their vivid decorations on either side of fuchsia and foxglove, while listening to the distant roar of the Atlantic ocean, lowing cows, buzzing busy bees and enchanting bird song. These sounds are indeed very pleasing to the ear.

Well I suppose to experience again the awesomeness of the wild flowers and buzzing bees I'll have to wait until early summer but if I head down around February, which is when I returned this year, I'll be greeted by a very different but nonetheless amazing landscape: the waters down at Ballydonegan Bay will be a little rougher, the evening light over Allihies will have stretched that little bit farther from the long dark nights of November and December but what will delight me most of all will be watching the sheep tending, so lovingly, to their new-born lambs, what a joy to behold! Just remembering all of that makes me now want to head straight to Heuston Station and hop on the first available train!

Just to give you an idea of what my wonderful time in Allihies was like towards the end of last year and early this year these post links will give you a little flavour:- "Journeying Onwards - Beara Holiday" (August 2010), "West Cork Beckons One More Time" (October 2010), "There's A Grand Stretch In The Evenings" (February 2011) and "To The Waters And The Wild" (March 2011).

Top Image: View over Allihies by-lane, February 2011.
Bottom Image: Ballydonegan Bay, June 2011.