Wednesday, October 6, 2010

West Cork Beckons One More Time

At some point during our holiday earlier this year in Allihies in the beautiful Beara Peninsula we decided we'd return for a while towards the end of the year to experience a little of the harsh Atlantic winds that beat the south west coast during the winter months. (See previous two posts for holiday and location link details).

Well, we're back here, perhaps a little too early to experience any great weather change but nevertheless to enjoy once again the beauty and tranquility of the place decribed to us last time by some of its residents as "magic". I'm inclined to believe them.

Hubby has been down here two weeks ahead with me joining him last Wednesday. My immediate feeling was that I never left the place since July, yet at times it feels like it was sometime last year, very strange indeed. Each time I visit I'm beginning to feel more and more that I'm coming home, the only other places having that hold over me is my hometown of Ringsend and London.

We're continuing our usual travels with strolls down the long bohreens, along the Ballydonegan Bay coastline and lots of hill climbing on the Beara Way walks. What is amazing is the weather, there are days when the sun feels as strong as it was during July so along with the clear blue skies it's difficult to realise we're into the first week of October!

The only clue to the season is when walking along the bohreens you notice that the berries have all but died on the bushes and the flowers have begun to wilt, what was once green is now taking on autumnal shades. Beautiful nonetheless. I'll be here until the end of the first week of November so meantime I'm really looking forward to some exciting weather conditions with dark skies and lashings of rain and fierce winds blowing in over the moors. I shall be in my element! Until then....

Top centre image: Autumn foliage, bohreen towards Allihies.
Top left image: Berry bush, bohreen towards Allihies.
Bottom right: Wooden gate, bohreen towards Allihies.
Bottom left: Ballydonegan Bay Coastline, near Allihies village.



  1. I think I would have the beautiful scenery of Ireland and mingle with the people of that country who are among the friendliest people I have met rather than the busy streets of London and people too busy with their own lives to bother about others. I think you feel the same and real home to you is Ireland, and who could blame you when thankfully, you share with us in pictures and write so dearly of the serene beauty of a place thats never far from your heart no matter where you roam.

  2. Thank you Donald as always for your lovely comment. The more time I spend here the more I'm beginning to feel this is where we'll eventually retire to. In all the places I've visited in the world none compare in beauty or tranquility to this little piece of Heaven here in West Cork, so maybe some day....Cheers Donald.

  3. wow

    great photo's. You've got a fan in
    Wicklow now :)

  4. Thank you Aaron for your nice comment. I really enjoy photographing our lovely countrysides, for me, their beauty is equal in all seasons. Nice to have a fan from County Wicklow! Cheers!