Thursday, June 30, 2011

Birthday Wishes Aunty E

Today would have been dear Aunty E's ninety-fifth birthday. It is with a deep sense of guilt that I have to admit to not missing her company these days. Thirty years ago the story would have been so much different. For a start we would certainly have celebrated her birthday with most definitely one too many whiskies, her preference always given to the Irish alcohol industry whereas I tended to (and still do) favour a fine Scotch malt.

The first ten years of our thirty six year relationship (she was my huband's aunt) was to say the least, passionate, at times, almost juvenile. There was nothing we wouldn't do for each other, we would never allow anyone to say anything hurtful towards the other. We got very drunk together, in fact, looking back now, I question if our deep friendship was not solely based on our mutual love of the old devil's brew, maybe not. We were kindred spirits.

During the early years we shared many adventures including a day trip to Hollyhead in Wales during which we literally missed the boat back to Dun Laoghaire, Dublin so got the train to Bangor....oh it gets better! Perhaps some future blog posts concentrating mainly on our happy, fun times? It seemed nothing could ever tear us apart.....or so I thought.

I have only just realized that we had known each other for as many years as was our age difference. That in itself is a little unsettling.

If Aunty E were alive today, of course I would be celebrating her great age with her with a glass or two of the golden brew while yet still struggling to rekindle the flame of our love that once bound us inseparable.

Above image taken by me in Allihies, Beara, Co. Cork. (The fuchsia was one of Aunty E's favourite flowers).



  1. I can relate to "not missing" someone who has died, whom I sort of feel I "should" be feeling more grief over. My 93-yr-old grandmother died recently and sure I shed a few tears, but ... nothing in comparison to those shed over other deaths. Yet I'd spent a lot of time with her over the past few years, making sure she had company and attention when no one else in the family seemed to be stepping up. So it seems curious to me. But maybe our story together was just plain finished; no unfinished business. It's curious, is all.

  2. Thank you so much BossLady for your heartfelt comment. I'm sorry to read your grandmother died, I'm sure she was a lovely lady. Incidently Aunty E was also 93 years old. I still feel a bit guilty that I'm not mourning her passing as much as I "should" but I suppose it's OK to sometimes not feel what's expected of us in these situations. Perhaps we should be a little less harsh on ourselves. Take care, Cheers!