Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Scare At Playtime! - Early 1960s

I know it was a time while I was still in primary school so that would have been pre-1963. My friend and I, always on the lookout for a bit of excitement on our way home, decided one day to visit the childrens' ward in the general hospital right next door to our school. As I loved minding young babies and toddlers I strongly suspect it was I who instigated the mischief, our visits continuing for some time.

On this particular day after we had played with the children who were well enough to be up and about and I had cuddled a lovely little baby boy one of us decided we should take a look in the place where they kept the dead people. We were so excited at what we might see! I'm not sure how we knew that the building was called a mortuary (probably from watching the tv series, "Dr. Kildare") but we recognised it when we saw the word over the door.

I clearly remember us cautiously walking into that strange room and seeing a body on the table covered with a white sheet. We stared for a moment then it happened! An arm fell down and you could see the hand hanging from beneath the sheet. Never had I been so terrified in all my short life! We screamed and ran as fast as our little legs could carry us vowing never to return. For a long time afterwards my hospital visits were scary times imagining a mummy-like creature lurking in the doorways of every corridor!

Above image of Baggot Street Hospital formerly known as Royal City of Dublin Hospital (next door to our school) via Wikipedia.



  1. It's great the memories that are stashed away in the back of our minds, and it only takes a little thing to trigger them.
    You must have been quite a rascal in your younger days, and most likely still are.

  2. Thanks Donald for your wonderful comments! The devilish memories are always the best. I suppose you could say I was the original Bart Simpson! Yes indeed if the opportunity presents itself I will give it a go just for the fun of it as I always say that I don't want to be on my death-bed regretting not having done whatever! Cheers for now, Ann

  3. Sometimes is good to put our mind back to early time and reading your blog post put me back to 1980's

  4. Hi Jeani, thank you for your comment. I'm always happy when my writings bring back memories for people (hopefully all good ones!). The 1980s certainly was the decade which saw many changes in society, among them the birth of modern technology that we sadly cannot live without today!. Take care, Cheers, Ann