Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nature's Christmas Gift

While England, Scotland and parts of Ireland were experiencing heavy snowfalls we here in Dublin had to wait a little longer for our white Christmas and boy, was it worth the wait. New Year's Eve was about to spring a beautiful surprise!

As my family and I watched telly in the warm comfort of our living room outside the first snow flakes of the year had begun to silently fall creating a magnificent Christmas card landscape. To add to the magic we drew back the curtains and watched the snow fall through the orange glow of a street lamp. Heaven.

New Year's Day and hubby had me up at 10.00am sharp. Armed with my best digital camera (Canon IXUS 300) we headed off to our local park which on entering looked like a scene from "The Snowman". Right that moment I became a five year old again, all my senses awakened by the beautiful sight which lay before us. I was actually bouncing up and down!

At times we walked in silence listening to the crunching sound of our footsteps in the snow.

Now and then a bird called out and I worried that his tiny feet might be cold.

I am so thankful to Mother Nature for granting me my Christmas wish. Enjoy the images of her present.

All photos taken by me, New Year's Day 2010. (Hubby in the foreground!)



  1. beautiful pictures Ann, and you describe the feelings many have when we witness the first falls of winter snow. It seems to stir the youngster in us all, and brings back memories of our childhood.
    It's only when we have to trudge through it to get to work that reality strikes back. ha ha.
    Another post well worth waiting for.

  2. Great post and the photographs are wonderful...it looks like "home" to me as we have snow and cold here in Wisconsin USA. Enjoy the beauty of it all.

  3. Ah! yes Donald, the magic of it all! What a lovely start to the New Year. I do agree, one week on, that slight irritation has replaced the childlike wonder when it's difficult to walk without breaking a limb! Having said that, I'm very happy that it came, it's more than made up for all the years of just the odd snowflake. Thanks and Cheers, Ann

  4. Thank you so much A.J. I'm always happy when the images have a emotional connection for people. I can only imagine how beautiful it must be in Wisconsin right now. Thanks again. Cheers, Ann

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  6. Hi Anonymous, thank you for your comment. I have visited your site which is an excellent source of information for car owners. Wishing you a very Happy New Year. Cheers, Ann