Sunday, August 9, 2009

Things That Make Me Happy

The following is a list of six things that make me happy, pretty much in order of preference although they could change from time to time but never the top one!

1) Having the whole family together for dinner.

2) The cooing of the wood pigeon.

3) The lazy sound of chickens on a hot summer's day.

4) Walking on the beach under skies of blue or grey.

5) Listening to poetry on the radio especially when the reader is Andrew Motion.

6) A phone call with the offer of exciting work.

The above image of Sandymount Strand looking towards Ringsend was taken by me in June 2005.



  1. I've never lived somewhere where they had chickens but I can picture it in my head now. Man I'm feeling so lazy lol

  2. As a child I used to listen to them when on my summer holidays in the country. They sounded soooo relaxed! I found it very calming. Thanks for the visit Kyle! Cheers!

  3. so having coffee was not one of them ya!

  4. God you're right! That should have been very high on the list, need my caffeine kicks several times a day! Thanks for the comment, Cheers!

  5. My uncle had a chicken farm which, as a kid, I visited every summer. So I understand exactly what you're talking about. And I grew up a ten minute bike ride from the beach so I consider the beach my second home.

  6. I feel very lucky to have had those wonderful experiences as a child. As adults we sometimes don't have the time to appreciate these great sights and sounds around us. Thank you. Cheers!