Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Never Put Off 'Till Tomorrow......

Three days ago I lost an aunt I hadn't seen in over thirteen years, a lady who was so beautiful and who I adored as a child but as I grew up and moved on in my life I'd neglected to contact. I'm filled with all the guilt and sadness that comes with leaving it too late. I thought about her so many times. In recent years I did have phone conversations with her although because of her worsening deafness those little chats were becoming more difficult. I should have written to her, her eyesight was still good. Above all I should have visited her. I'd been told she didn't encourage visitors and the fact that she would not then have recognized me, rather than upset and frighten her, I decided to put it off until another time. There should never be "another time" because "another time" can sometimes be too late. I'm left with too many should-haves.

Yesterday I attended her funeral, I took that lonely train journey that perhaps would have been more beneficial to us both had I taken it many years previously.

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