Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Shame On You Jonathan And Russell!

I've always liked these two guys for their unique, quirky sense of humour. There's nothing so funny as Jonathan on his Friday night tv show embarrassing the life out of some of his more quieter guests or him then being quite sensitive when necessary. He's also an excellent and perfect presenter for the Film show.

Russell, is a strange but lovable man. He grows on you. I loved him on Big Brother's Big Mouth, he used to have me on the floor in stitches. He was adorable as a guest on our Late Late Show. In addition to his fabulous good looks I feel he is a highly intelligent young man.

So, what made him and Jonathan do what they did? For the benefit of readers who may not be familiar with the story, basically, a series of indecent messages were left on the answering machine of actor Andrew Sachs (Manuel, of Fawlty Towers fame) stating by Jonathan that Russell Brand had slept with Andrew's grand-daughter which was then aired on their BBC2 radio show. The messages were sexually explicit but I won't go into that.

Two grown, supposedly responsible men behaving like school boys while the teacher is out of class. The audience for these radio shows I imagine would be mainly younger people so if we're supposed to lead by example then surely this is one very bad demonstration of how to behave responsibly. After all, Jonathan has a young family himself and I'm sure he would not be pleased to hear of his son or daughter distressing an aging member of society as he has done.

All I hope is that both Jonathan and Russell have the decency to publicly as well as personally apologise to Andrew Sachs and his grand-daughter for the hurt caused to them and radio listeners. If they do that well then I'll forgive them their moment of foolishness and continue to enjoy their devilish wit. They're good at their jobs -just let's hope they still have them this time next week.


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